Laser trimming

The laser trimming systems from 4CS-Laser have been designed to meet our requirement. The modular system has pulsed laser sources with different wavelengths and innovative optical components. In addition, it has a freely programmable (open source) software designed to meet the individual customer requirements. The laser system can easily take on any kind of trimming tasks and operate at a hight throughput. It can also be used for mark substrates with number or abstract patterns, such as company logo, for example.

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Technical properties

  • Quick operational readiness
  • Very large working range and can be used on almost all substrates (high throughput)
  • Quick product change-over
  • Programmable, high-power needle test adapter
  • Freely programmable software (programming options with Open Source)
  • Compact, modular structure. Reduction of negative thermal effects on the laser performance
  • Integrated 2.5D laser unit with automatic calibration function (two different lasers or two of the same lasers can be integrated)


  • Trimming of thin and thick films incl. marking with a laser up to a minimal cutting width of approx. 10µm
  • Flexible connections: TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP,…
  • Workspace 400 mm x 300 mm (x, y, theta)
  • Integrated automatic substrate transportation system (width adjustable)
  • Automatic loading and unloading system (SMEMA or Hermes Interface on both sides)
  • Direct laser deflection area (Galvo) 50 x 50 mm2
  • 527nm Q-switched, max. 400µJ SpL technology (Single pulse Laser), with a power output of 1.6W max.
  • Integrated laser calibration unit
  • Programmable laser focus lens for expanding the workspace in Z


  • Passive adjustment of thick and thin film resistors
  • Passive adjustment of capacitors
  • Active trimming of sensors and oscillators
  • Active circuit adjustment in amplifier circuits (offset, gain, CMRR)
  • Digital adjustment by cutting through PCB tracks
  • Lettering and markings on surfaces
  • Trimming/Marking on inclined and curved surfaces or on different levels with the help of the electronically adjustable focus (2D/3D trimming and marking)
  • Component tests, where the machine can be used as a test system with or without laser processing