As your service provider, Altatec assembles electronic and microelectronic assemblies, chips, components, circuit parts and circuits combined with mechanical components (SMD, COB).

We manufacture products in different production and clean rooms that are adapted to the relevant requirements. Thanks to our largely automated production we are able to manufacture everything in one place, from prototype to medium-sized series production.

You can benefit from a range of tried-and-tested bonding processes and components to make your product idea a reality and ensure its success. All welding and bonding processes can be done either by different machines or manually. If needed, enhanced test steps can be performed under heightened environmental conditions.


  • Assembly on FR4 printed circuit boards
  • Assembly on flexible printed circuit boards
  • Assembly on copper and aluminium core printed circuit boards
  • Assembly on ceramic substrates
  • Assembly on sapphire substrate
  • Manufacturing of sensors (magnetic sensors, charge amplifiers, optical sensors, inductive sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, speed and position sensors)
  • Medical devices
  • Processor boards
  • High-end analogue technology
  • High-speed electronics
  • Endoscopes
  • Microcameras


In 2013, we set up our new site in accordance with all the latest safety regulations and officially moved in 2014.

The new site has a production area of around 600 m². Depending on the technologies used and the requirements in terms of air purity, the production can be done in white rooms or ISO 5/6 to ISO 7/8 class clean rooms.

Material is transported between production rooms with different cleanliness classes via material airlocks. Critical production processes are carried out in special, separate rooms.

A clever, redundancy-based system for controlling pressure, temperature and humidity ensures reproducible and fail-safe production conditions.