According to the 6R rule, logistics is all about finding the right products with the right quality and in the right quantity in the right place at the right time and making it available at the right price.

As a client, do you want to get all the products from the same place and not have to worry about planning and monitoring all the organisational aspects? We’ll be happy to help! From the procurement of printed circuit boards and components, through to the manufacturing and testing, everything should come from a single provider if possible. Good warehouse management and production planning is essential when it comes to ensuring on-time deliveries.

Our administration, manufacturing and engineering teams will be happy to help you with the planning of your call orders and transport packaging.


By procurement we mean the purchase of semi-finished products such as printed circuits boards, active and passive components and other material that is required for the production of your assemblies. In order to offer you interesting prices, we often need to buy certain key components in bulk. We will take on the task of ordering the required components at the right time from the right suppliers for you. Whenever certain components are discontinued on the market, we inform you as soon as possible so that an alternative component can be evaluated or developed.